Updates on various fronts!

Hey guys,

I have been less busy than I should this week but still, I have some nice new pictures of stuff I painted the past few days.

First, I finished two Nightgoblin Fanatics I painted mainly for fun:

These might show up on ebay some time soon.

Then there’s C.A.T. from Space Hulk. I don’t know what C.A.T. does but it’s a cute and weird little thing. You gotta love it:

And another Space Hulk Oddity; Battle Brother Elvis:

He’s still quite a bit WIP but I hope to finish him today or tomorrow.

I also finished the Salamanders Drop Pod:

….aaaand I got some miniatures I want to paint up for myself. As I wrote, all this bruhaha that went along with the release of 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy somewhat made me want to play again so I did what every sensible “GW hobby enthusiast” would do. No, not packing up my army, travel to the next gaming place and just play, no, I bought more miniatures first. 😉 So here’s first WIP pictures of my new Dark Elves Warriors With Repeater Crossbows And Shields (shields not included)™ regiment:

Those won’t be painted to some really outstanding or spectacular level because I don’t have that time to invest into these and I want to make them fit the rest of my army. By the way, let me know if any of you has 16 spare DE Warriors shields, either blank or with the “Serpent” icon glued on. 🙂

On the more bloggery side of things, I had a very nice evening of playing Dominion at the gaming space of my local gaming store (Damage Unlimited in Vienna. GO THERE and BUY STUFF). Dominion is an awesome cardgame which got legions of followers within less than a year.  It’s got three expansions out as well already. The first one is pretty cool and we played with the second one for the first time last night. This one’s really got some nasty cards in it but only adds to the fun. I really haven’t spotted any really game-breaking or totally inbalanced card combinations yet but let me know if you know of any. 😉 Apart from that, I was asked to be one of the representatives of Gamezone (that gaming space next to my LGS) at this year’s games festival in Vienna (Nov.19 to Nov.21 2010 at Austria Center Vienna) which I’m sure will be a really cool event.

So, that’s that for now. I hope this update had a little bit for everyone and I’ll try to keep you supplied with as many pictures as possible. See ya and have a nice weekend! Oh, and always let me know how you think I could improve the miniatures I post here. Your feedback is very important to me.

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  1. Svenn says:

    Elves! Those look much cooler than the old High Elves I’ve got…

    The Space Hulk stuff is pretty cool. Did you see the versions that DeafNala posted up here recently ( http://deafnala.tabletopgeeks.com/galleries/ )? You guys both have some good looking models!

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