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Thanks for the comments on my last post, everyone!

I finally had the chance to have a little look at the 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. First off, the book¬† is a beauty but I guess you already knew that. Having been not too involved in all the rules discussions surrounding the release, I wasn’t up to date with all the changes to the core rules. I just browsed through them but there are indeed rather big changes to the whole thing. (Sorry for my weak wording today, I think my brain melted during the past few days)

Due to the fact that I play very rarely, editions just seem to fly by. I think I had one or two games in 7th edition WHFB.¬† Not because I didn’t like the system; I just didn’t play due to a severe lack of gaming group. So, right after I had finished my Dark Elves army, I had dismissed WHFB for a few years.

But the new edition somehow got me interested again in the whole thing. I exactly remember the point where it got me interested again: When I was browsing through the new magic items and saw the Scarecrow banner that really does what you’d expect it to do. This very item even made me dreaming about an Undead army again for a bit.

Curse you, core games! At some times, they look so very attractive yet I know that I can never get happy with them! It’s an amour fou.

A thing that turned me off that undead army again is that I realized that there’s no Heinrich Kemmler in the latest Vampires army book. I’m not too fit on WHFB fluff but isn’t he one of the main arch-villains of the Old World? Damn these vampires. I have nothing against Vlad and The Bride of Vlad, they’re fun characters but since they changed the focus to vampires in late 5th edition, undead armies have lost a LOT of their appeal. Anyway, enough of my ramblings…

Here’s a little update on the Space Marines drop pod:

….and I started a little side thing because I got bored of the pod and wanted to paint something fantasy again:

These are basically just for fun and probably will end up on ebay some day. It’s the first time I tried this “red/purple nose”-thing some people like to do on Goblins and the like. The only thing I’m unsure about is the balls on the end of the chains. Should I paint them silvery metal, brass-like metal or like they’re carved out of stone?

Let me know what you think and see you next time!

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  1. Old School says:

    I’ve never been in to WHFB much myself either, but I bought the Gamer’s Edition and now I’m looking in to starting a VC or TK army.

    I like the way VC have the typical Halloween/undead feel about them, but I don’t like the way they have no chariots or skull-chuckers.
    I like the way TK have chariots and skull-chuckers, but I don’t like the ancient Egyptian feel to them.

    But I’m gonna start with a skeleton horde that could be used by both armies, 50 skellies in 5 ranks of 10.

  2. noeste says:

    I’ve always loved Fanatics, great models!
    Personally, I like silvery metal for the balls, so that’s my vote for you.

    Oh, and as to Kemmler and the “new” Undead; yes I agree, the focus ahs shifted away from Nagash and other Necromancers, and now focuses a bit too much on the Vampires, at least when it comes to the Special Characters. But I think one could try to make a Kemmler’ish Necromancer, and pop in some more as Acolytes or something..? Just a shame there’s no Necromancer lord-choice no more.. The new Skeleton-models are absolutely stunning though, so from an artistic view, Vampire Counts should be a rather nice army to make.

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