Space Wolves finished, Blood Bowl, Discworld Miniatures, WHFB Empire – Loads of pretty pictures!

It’s been a month since the last update and quite some stuff has happened which led to a massive Galleries update!

.) Space Wolves army finished!

(see the Space Marines gallery for all pictures)

.) Participated in two painting contests!

(see the Blood Bowl gallery for more pictures of the cheerleader)

.) Painted miniatures for a videocast show about tabletop gaming!

(see the Dwarf Tales gallery for more pictures)

.) Painted Discworld Miniatures!

(see the Discworld Miniatures gallery for more pictures, featuring Luggage!)

.) Painted a Chaos BloodBowl team!

(see the Blood Bowl gallery for more pictures)

.) Commenced a new army commission – Warhammer Fantasy Empire Averland!

(see the Empire (Averland) gallery for more pictures)

So these Empire guys are what I’ll be mostly busy with the next weeks. 🙂

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