Recent Wargaming (Warhammer 40,000 edition)

Hello people, I thought it’s time for a bit of an update on my wargaming of late.

Warhammer 40,000: I’ve been to this impressively big event in Krems, Lower Austria. Lots of really nice armies, also featuring Space Wolves, Salamanders and pre-heresy World Eaters armies I painted for them. 🙂 (all to be found in the galleries section).

I also played a small-ish game myself, 1000 points of my Space Orks versus Necrons. Only my second game with 6th edition rules, first game against Necrons since 4th edition if I remember correctly. Enjoyable game even though we made a few mistakes which probably changed the outcome of the game a whole lot. Still, a nice experience and I really enjoy 6th edition 40k. Speaking of which and just incase you missed it, you can find my thoughts on 6th edition here:

So everything went well and dandy at this point. I brought my “slapped together, I don’t want to spend ages moving models around but got no vehicles” Orks list. Again, I brought my 15 Kommandos because I love the models but I have a horrible history of just wasting this rather expensive unit. Usually I have them flanking around being all kunnin’ an’ sneaky, ending up having fired not a single shot but contesting some useless mission objective. This time I planned to avoid this by infiltrating them right to the front.

Happy Buggy, happy Boar Boyz, happy Nobz on Cyboars! (soon their happiness would fade)

Those Lootaz, happy in this picture, would end up being one of the more impressing units of the game. I guess my problem is that I like certain units of this army so insanely much that I HAVE to bring them for each game. 😉

A shot of the Necrons army.

Things quickly went belly up, especially after the flyer showed up.

In other news, there were LOTS of other Orks as well:

All set up for an upcoming big apocalypse battle. On the other side, we got the Imperial forces, as previewed above.

Sadly the Space Marines versus Chaos game took place the day after on which I didn’t have the time to attend. Really good stuff though. For lots more pictures of the day, check out the Games section of the Galleries!

Sorry for the shoddy picture quality on those. The venue was very good, the lighting was kind of bad though for taking photos.

Apart from that, I had two solo games of Tomorrow’s War and a ton of games of Infinity because I ran demo games of it at a convention yesterday. Expect pictures of both these things soon!

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