New week, same old brush-swinging business


The heat is still going strong around here and I’m still not too ashamed of myselt to use that as an excuse for not painting all that much.  Since the last update, I did some more fiddling around on that Salamanders Drop Pod, assembled and painted four Dark Elves Warriors and did some work done on Space Hulk’s Sgt.Lorenzo and the Librarian.

But there’s more new stuff coming up, mainly 40k, mainly Marines of all colours. I’m pretty sure that I will end up in a similar situation as in late 2009 when I organized loads of commissions over the month and due to various delays, they all arrive within a few days, leaving me with tons of unpainted plastic and metal. 😉 Oh well, here’s a little update picture on the Space Hulk minis:

No pictures of the Dark Elves unless anyone really requests to see them. This is due to the fact that I still have to get shields for them, I need to get the basing done and the paintjob is very basic to match the rest of the unit I painted about five years ago.

I will post an update here as soon as something happens. 🙂 Until then!

3 Responses to “New week, same old brush-swinging business”

  1. Katzigstenweisel says:

    Yeah, no escape now you’ve hinted about the Dark Elves. :p

    Get them pics posted up, there’s a good lad. 😉

  2. Sigur says:

    Thanks for the comment. I got plenty of practice painting purple while doing my Dark Elves army back then. When I ran out of GW Liche Purple, I got the only other purple my local store had at the time; VMC Royal Purple. It’s a different colour, much “calmer” than Liche Purple. It’s very similar to Milka’s signature colour. Anyhow, I’ll post pictures of dark elves later.

  3. Ancre says:

    Hi Sigur !

    Your space hulk marines looks very nice, and the sword on the champion looks better than last try 🙂 They were probably there on your last update as well and I just probably haven’t noticed them till now, but I really like the little purple gems they have. It looks very nice and fit well with the main colors. I like the way you do purple. Actually, I like purple. It’s really too bad I fail to make my purple paint look nice every time I try !

    And I demand a picture of the dark elves ! Well, I can wait ’till you finish them if you want. But I won’t let you paint something without posting it on the internet ! 😀

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