Khorne Berzerkers WIP

Right, now after yesterday’s introducing words I’ll dive right in and introduce you to my current project. It’s 10 Khorne Berzerkers which are Space Marines Assault bits (legs, some arms, some weapons) along with the Forgeworld World Eaters Chaos Space Marines upgrade pack. Only a small commission so I got pretty far within the past four days.
They still need their weapon casings highlighted, some work on the silvery metallics and some additional details but I’m pretty positive to have these guys finished by the end of the week at the lastest.

Other commissions I’m currently working on:

Space Hulk (2009) miniatures

Death Korps of Krieg infantry

Salamanders Space Marines

I will upload pictures of these commissions as well within the next few days so the gallery doesn’t look as pitifully empty as it does at the moment. Just stay tuned. Comments of any kind are highly welcome. 🙂

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  1. Old School says:

    I love the little green world symbol in the middle of their shoulder pads. A nice bit of contrast to the over-whelming red.

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