Khorne Berzerkers finished (almost?) and a little extra…

The World Eaters are finished so far. Just not too sure about the blood on the swords. I’m really not used to paint blood, I don’t think it looks good unless it’s done really, really well, it doesn’t fit with how I like Chaos Space Marines or Space Marines to look like and I hate messing up perfectly fine paintjobs (like on the chainsword casings) after they’re finished. The client asked for a “little” blood on the weapons. Ha-ha. What do you think happens when you swing a chainsaw at someone? Right, you get LOTS of blood ALL over the chainsaw. Anyhow, I hope it looks alright.

As for other stuff, I currently am trying to wrap up the current commissions, so…

…oh right, my internet connection is jerking around the past few days and it’s AMAZINGLY annoying. It usually goes all well but sometimes, it just won’t work for five minutes. Really, really upsetting. So I have to just kill some time…hrm…oh hey, I changed a tire today. That was pretty manly. What else…I got a furniture beetle in my window frame. Threw some poison at it two days ago but I can still hear it munching my wooden window frame. Should be dead soon tough, otherwise I’ll have to throw more poison at it. So, what have you been do…

Ah, the internet connection works again, so I’ll also quickly upload some WIPs of a Salamanders Drop Pod I’m currently working on.I really understand why some people refuse to paint vehicles. It’s pretty tedious. I like that red globe thing in the middle. Has a “[URL=””]attack its weak point for massive damage[/URL]”-feel to it so I painted it in a red, glowy fashion.

What about Space Hulk, I hear you ask. Taking a break from it, but I will try to finish it soon to have that done. As for these DKoK testminis…argh. I fear those. I have yet to find the fun in painitng them, I have to figure out a proper way to paint them and I just hate the overally feel of uncertainty about them. It’s a total break from how I usually paint, I mean I haven’t painted “realistic-looking” miniatures in years.

I still hope you like’em.

P.S.: Thanks to Old School for commenting here. As soon as I find some time to paint some of my own minis again, I will do something old school because I’m also very much into stuff from GW’s finest years. 😉 I’ll upload some pictures of older miniatures I painted recently.

4 Responses to “Khorne Berzerkers finished (almost?) and a little extra…”

  1. Sigur says:

    Oh, I didn’t think of Bannert as a source for good modelling equipment. Haven’t been there for well over 10 years because I always thought they had just the basic rack of Revell paints. Thanks for the hint, I’ll try Bannert tomorrow!

  2. Old School says:

    I just bought it in a toy-shop in Vienna. Toy-shop Bannert, in the 1st district. If you want me to get you a pot, let me know. €2.79 a pot.

  3. Sigur says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Old School. I read about that stuff quite somet times but it looks like it’s not available aorund here so I’d have to order it online. But I will check it out once I do another online order. Thanks for commenting. 😉 I uploaded loads of more pictures to my galleries.

  4. Old School says:

    Hmmm… that blood does like dried rust. I’ve seen several people say Tamiya’s Clear Red is the best way to paint realistic looking blood. Check this out…

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