What’s up next?

Hi again,

Things have been busy again (and I’m glad when they are) so here’s a little update:

.) The Empire army is coming along fine. Painting an army that consists of black-and-yellow figures entirely is way less straining than I thought.

.) Today I finished what I think is the last two Discworld miniatures – Detritus and Dibbler. There will be pictures of those two up soon.

.) I commenced working on Maelstrom’s Chimera

…and it’s every bit as beautiful as it looks in that box art

.) More Warmaster miniatures! It’s almost been a while since I did the last bunch of those lovely fellas. Mainly more Araby.

.) Finally, the first bunch of Death Korps marched onto my painting table. These will be great as well.

So, lots of resin (got me new filter masks today before I started cutting and filing on the chimera), lots of minis in general, lots of work to do, yay!

P.S.: And I finally should have managed to connect this blog to Twitter. Go cyberworld datamatrix power!

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