Another Space Wolves Update

So I was able to overcome my recent inability to even look at grey Space Wolves and got a bit done.

Built/Converted some Wolf Scouts:

The guys in the front (axe and prominent sword) have power weapons, the guy with the bare arm to the left of the poweraxe guy is getting mark of the Wulfen. Armless guy will get a Melter.

Proceeded with painting the Thunderwolf Cav and the Hero of Wolf Guard:

The guy with the Wolf Claw is the Hero of the Wolf Guard and will get a Combi-Melta once I got the additional Melters I’ve been hunting down. His arms are glued to the body whereas the arms of the three other guys are all magnetized. The Storm shields and power fists requred some converting and the legs are all repositioned so they fit onto the Wolves properly.

Two days ago I got some work done on the Khorne Berzerkers as well. They’re about 70 to 80% finished now.

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