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Avatars of War Dwarf Berserkers Regiment product review

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

For this update we’ll have a closer look of one of this year’s most widely anticipated releases in terms of Fantasy wargaming – it’s Avatars of War’s first plastic release and it’s a big one with big ambitions. Let’s see how the miniatures hold up and if they can meet the expectations!


News update, Unpacking Infinity, Reaper and Lots of new Pictures

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Hi again,

a bit of time went by since the last post on here but nonetheless I want to thank everybody for reading and commenting, either here or on the forums. Finecast still is being controversially discussed but at the same time eagerly bought by everybody so I guess business as usual in regards to Games Workshop. 😉 But of course there are many other very successful companies out there who especially in the recent months gained a lot of followers and presence.