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All-New Step-by-Step Painting Guide – Ultramarines Captain Sicarius

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Sigur’s Step-by-Step Paint Along II

Hello and welcome to my second Step-By-Step projekt. The first one, which happened a few months ago, I called a guide or tutorial. This time I think that the term paint-along or work log are more fitting because at this level of complexity and on this kind of miniature (not a rank-and-file guy this time), there is no real „wrong“ or „right“ approach. Some years ago, the venerable Tammy Haye did two or three “Paintathons” in which she painted a single miniature to great quality. I loved those events and would like to recreate that in a way, albeit without the real-time aspect (to save me from an energy drink induced heart attack) and very in-depth explanations about the techniques and colours used.

This painting log is all about Captain Sicarius of the second company of the Ultramarines Space Marines chapter. This guy had various incarnations in the past years and in this, we deal with the latest (and in my opinion, the most impressive) one. While working on this project I got a wee bit annoyed about my foolishness not to just paint up a regular tactical Marine, an ork boy or a Dark Eldar warrior because this took way longer than I had planned it to do. The reasons I chose this miniature over others are numerous: First, after having done a Fantasy miniature for my first project of that kind, I wanted to go with something futuristic, preferrably a Space Marine. Apart from that, this miniature just jumped out at me while browsing the shelves of my local gaming store and I remembered painting this guy’s first incarnation many years ago for my first (and never really realized) attempt at competing for a Golden Daemon. Last but not least, I really like the pose on this miniature. It’s just something you don’t see very often. (more…)