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Space Wolves! Dwarfs! Maiden Guard! Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Holy cow, it’s highest time for an update in here!

First off, sorry for the lack of updates lately. In the past weeks I wrote many e-mails, worked on a project I can’t post yet but plan to post during the holidays which took a lot of time to do, Finished a few older things of the Sci-Fi kind and so on. There’s sad news as well – the Chaos Dwarfs commission guy isn’t reporting back. Last thing I heard was something like “perfect, I’ll post the miniatures tomorrow” and that’s it. Nothing since then. I still hope that this thing is happening and I hope the guy’s fine.

On a different note, here’s something new I’m doing:

Pretty much the whole Dwarfs range by Dwarf Tales miniatures. Excellent miniatures of which you may have seen two already in the Mortheim warband I did earlier this year. I’m painting these for a German video broadcast called Magabotato. It’s a weekly show about tabletop gaming and everything surrounding that. They’re doing a new episode each week and get up to five thousand views per episode.

Make sure you have a look at their videos. Here is a link to their youtube channel: [URL=””][/URL]

First off, new pictures of the Wolf Lord:

The “ROLF”-looking runes on the wolf’s armour didn’t really please a lot of people so those were changed. Plus, I added some more detailling to the wolf’s armour and redid the base a little bit. Next thing on my list: add snow.

I’m also currently doing four more Rhinos/Razorbacks so the Long Fangs and the Wolf Guard don’t have to walk around on their paws:

Here’s the more fancied-up Rhino of the Wolf Guard, also showing the Razorback version:

Stormbolters for the Rhino versions and other gubbinz are also mostly done. The Rhinos need some more dirtying up and weathering and the tracks need to be finished. That’s it then for the Space Wolves.

As for other things –  I participated in two painting contests recently. The first – a Blood Bowl themed one – having been over at garage gamer. And guess what, I won! Huzzah! Here’s my entry:

The other painting contest was the November painting contest at GW Fanworld (big german site) at which I made it to the third place. The theme was “anything High Elf or Skaven” and gave me an opportunity to make use of one of the beautiful Maiden Guard I acquired recently:

See you soon! 🙂