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Still hot!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


Thanks for the comments on my last post, everyone!

I finally had the chance to have a little look at the 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. First off, the book  is a beauty but I guess you already knew that. Having been not too involved in all the rules discussions surrounding the release, I wasn’t up to date with all the changes to the core rules. I just browsed through them but there are indeed rather big changes to the whole thing. (Sorry for my weak wording today, I think my brain melted during the past few days)

Due to the fact that I play very rarely, editions just seem to fly by. I think I had one or two games in 7th edition WHFB.  Not because I didn’t like the system; I just didn’t play due to a severe lack of gaming group. So, right after I had finished my Dark Elves army, I had dismissed WHFB for a few years.

But the new edition somehow got me interested again in the whole thing. I exactly remember the point where it got me interested again: When I was browsing through the new magic items and saw the Scarecrow banner that really does what you’d expect it to do. This very item even made me dreaming about an Undead army again for a bit.

Curse you, core games! At some times, they look so very attractive yet I know that I can never get happy with them! It’s an amour fou.

A thing that turned me off that undead army again is that I realized that there’s no Heinrich Kemmler in the latest Vampires army book. I’m not too fit on WHFB fluff but isn’t he one of the main arch-villains of the Old World? Damn these vampires. I have nothing against Vlad and The Bride of Vlad, they’re fun characters but since they changed the focus to vampires in late 5th edition, undead armies have lost a LOT of their appeal. Anyway, enough of my ramblings…

Here’s a little update on the Space Marines drop pod:

….and I started a little side thing because I got bored of the pod and wanted to paint something fantasy again:

These are basically just for fun and probably will end up on ebay some day. It’s the first time I tried this “red/purple nose”-thing some people like to do on Goblins and the like. The only thing I’m unsure about is the balls on the end of the chains. Should I paint them silvery metal, brass-like metal or like they’re carved out of stone?

Let me know what you think and see you next time!

New week, same old brush-swinging business

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010


The heat is still going strong around here and I’m still not too ashamed of myselt to use that as an excuse for not painting all that much.  Since the last update, I did some more fiddling around on that Salamanders Drop Pod, assembled and painted four Dark Elves Warriors and did some work done on Space Hulk’s Sgt.Lorenzo and the Librarian.

But there’s more new stuff coming up, mainly 40k, mainly Marines of all colours. I’m pretty sure that I will end up in a similar situation as in late 2009 when I organized loads of commissions over the month and due to various delays, they all arrive within a few days, leaving me with tons of unpainted plastic and metal. 😉 Oh well, here’s a little update picture on the Space Hulk minis:

No pictures of the Dark Elves unless anyone really requests to see them. This is due to the fact that I still have to get shields for them, I need to get the basing done and the paintjob is very basic to match the rest of the unit I painted about five years ago.

I will post an update here as soon as something happens. 🙂 Until then!

Delivery from GW!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

No real update with pictures and all today because frankly, there’s nothing that interesting to see, I just did some more edge highlighting on the Drop Pod but incredibly little. Just nothing spectacular.

On a different note, I just got a delivery from GW:

Interestingly, they sent the stuff by UPS rather than with the regular mail. But anyway, I restrained myself from only getting the dice when GW put all this tasty WHFB stuff up for pre-order a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty good deal really. You get eight really nice dice plus that little baggy for close to 10€ or something which is a good deal and I didn’t have any “nice dice” anyway so I went for it. As for the quality of the dice themselves, there seems nothing wrong with it. They look very good and pretty authentic. My only gripe is that they are very light. Wouldn’t have minded them to be heavier but I guess if you had dice really made from bone or horn or whatever, they’re lighter as full plastic dice as well. Despite how much bad press GW’s “Hobby Products” get, I think that these are a very good investment. Not sure if they’re still available; I think they are limited edition.

Also, the strangest thing is up with that product because when I compared prices from the German GW site with the price for that set on the GW UK site I found out that the price on the German site actually was lower by a Euro or so. That was quite baffling because usually, it’s more advantageous to order from the UK due to the relative worth of British Pounds vs. €. Just for that reason alone, I was intrigued to get those dice.

There was also an amusing “immediate price rise” within the first few hours the thing was up because while I was browsing the online store for some additional thing to get (to take advantage of the free shipping when ordering for €15,- or more IIRC), they increased the price for the skull dice set by a bit over a Euro. And it STILL was a few cents cheaper than getting it in the UK!  Weird.

So for the other thing I got… I browsed around the online store, didn’t really know what to get, considered some old “collector’s” stuff but dismissed that due to cost, wasn’t really interested in getting some weird IG crew minis, didn’t want to get any minis at all but ordering paints would be too boring as well so I got that Skulls blister:

Looks okay so far and I guess you can always need skulls. It’s 28 human skulls of which 6 have lower jaws as well (two with opened mouths), 4 Orc skulls (all on metal sprues), two piles of skulls and one big pile of skulls for doing scenic bases or dioramas or something like that. From what I can see, there are no “evil skulls” in there. I know that some people don’t like those so I thought I’d mention it. Maybe not the best buy in the world and maybe there’s cheaper ways to acquire some skulls for the occasional base or conversion but I think it’s an okay blister if you need a skull from time to time but don’t plan to convert a lot with them. I think that if you want to get some variety into your undead army, these might come in handy as well.

What else to say…I did some ebaying (read: bought minis) again. Got two Noise Marines with guitars and a rather big unit of 5th edition witch elves for a pretty good price.

That’s all for today really. Maybe I’ll post an update with a piccie of the drop pod later but I’m not too sure. It’s really nothing spectacular. Thanks for reading anyway. 😉 Have a nice weekend everybody!

Khorne Berzerkers finished (almost?) and a little extra…

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

The World Eaters are finished so far. Just not too sure about the blood on the swords. I’m really not used to paint blood, I don’t think it looks good unless it’s done really, really well, it doesn’t fit with how I like Chaos Space Marines or Space Marines to look like and I hate messing up perfectly fine paintjobs (like on the chainsword casings) after they’re finished. The client asked for a “little” blood on the weapons. Ha-ha. What do you think happens when you swing a chainsaw at someone? Right, you get LOTS of blood ALL over the chainsaw. Anyhow, I hope it looks alright.

As for other stuff, I currently am trying to wrap up the current commissions, so…

…oh right, my internet connection is jerking around the past few days and it’s AMAZINGLY annoying. It usually goes all well but sometimes, it just won’t work for five minutes. Really, really upsetting. So I have to just kill some time…hrm…oh hey, I changed a tire today. That was pretty manly. What else…I got a furniture beetle in my window frame. Threw some poison at it two days ago but I can still hear it munching my wooden window frame. Should be dead soon tough, otherwise I’ll have to throw more poison at it. So, what have you been do…

Ah, the internet connection works again, so I’ll also quickly upload some WIPs of a Salamanders Drop Pod I’m currently working on.I really understand why some people refuse to paint vehicles. It’s pretty tedious. I like that red globe thing in the middle. Has a “[URL=””]attack its weak point for massive damage[/URL]”-feel to it so I painted it in a red, glowy fashion.

What about Space Hulk, I hear you ask. Taking a break from it, but I will try to finish it soon to have that done. As for these DKoK testminis…argh. I fear those. I have yet to find the fun in painitng them, I have to figure out a proper way to paint them and I just hate the overally feel of uncertainty about them. It’s a total break from how I usually paint, I mean I haven’t painted “realistic-looking” miniatures in years.

I still hope you like’em.

P.S.: Thanks to Old School for commenting here. As soon as I find some time to paint some of my own minis again, I will do something old school because I’m also very much into stuff from GW’s finest years. 😉 I’ll upload some pictures of older miniatures I painted recently.

Khorne Berzerkers WIP

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Right, now after yesterday’s introducing words I’ll dive right in and introduce you to my current project. It’s 10 Khorne Berzerkers which are Space Marines Assault bits (legs, some arms, some weapons) along with the Forgeworld World Eaters Chaos Space Marines upgrade pack. Only a small commission so I got pretty far within the past four days.
They still need their weapon casings highlighted, some work on the silvery metallics and some additional details but I’m pretty positive to have these guys finished by the end of the week at the lastest.

Other commissions I’m currently working on:

Space Hulk (2009) miniatures

Death Korps of Krieg infantry

Salamanders Space Marines

I will upload pictures of these commissions as well within the next few days so the gallery doesn’t look as pitifully empty as it does at the moment. Just stay tuned. Comments of any kind are highly welcome. 🙂